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Computer Program

Students K-5 get instruction once a week from PlanetBravo.

Computer LabConnect to Planet Bravo applications from home.  Students can practice typing and view the student gallery. 

Planet Bravo provides the computer programs curriculum, instructor and STEM activities.

Planet Bravo follows the ISTE standards of Technology Education and 2018 CA Computer Science Standards. The instruction is managed by a team of Planet Bravo professionals for instruction, software and hardware help. Our teaching techniques are unique by design. We teach kids the basic skills needed to interact with a computer, iPad, Chrome books.  The lesson plans & software emphasizes the individual child's initiative and independence, allowing them to progress through an orderly series of structured learning activities at their own pace.

Skills, Apps, Software & Languages

Learning Basic Computer Skills

TUX PAINT/ Kidpix/Gimp


Hierarchy of Files & Folders

Google SketchUp


Word Processing

iMovie/ WeVideo

Swift Prog. Lang


Drones/Robots various apps



Styks-Animation Software

Mod Kit (VEX Robotics)

Using the cloud (Google Drive)

3D Printing various apps


Online Safety & Digital Footprint